For 37 years Nannies of Kansas City has been providing families throughout the Midwest with the finest childcare professionals available. Our reputation is unmatched and our credentials impeccable. Only after a candidate has successfully completed an extensive screening and background check are they eligible to interview with our families.

Our full-time staff offers families a personal experience by presenting only qualified candidates who will provide the security and love you expect.

We have placed thousands of full-time and part-time nannies. We also specialize in babysitters for families, groups and sick children, along with newborn and after school care providers.

Nannies of Kansas City professionals are found in private homes, churches, synagogues, hotels, day care centers and corporate facilities.

Family Application

Respecting your time and schedule, we invite you to complete the family application online. If you prefer to print it out and fax back or come by the office, that’s fine too. Whatever is most convenient for you.

Family Application

Newborn Care

Parents often need a little extra help when they bring their new baby home. We can assist by providing experienced, thoroughly screened caregivers. All are infant CPR certified, will greet guests, help with the laundry, take care of other children in the home and assist in making the “homecoming” smooth and peaceful. These professionals are available days, evenings, overnight and weekends. We do not provide for infants needing medical assistance.

Agency Fee:

  • $100 – one-time registration fee
  • $20/day or evening payable by credit card
  • $50 – Overnight payable by credit card

Agency fee doubles for all major holidays including New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day.

Newborn Caregiver Fee:

  • 1 newborn – $16 per hour
  • 1-2 siblings plus the newborn – $17/hour
  • 3-4 siblings plus the newborn – $19/hour
  • 5+ siblings plus the newborn – agency discretion

Minimum 4 hours. Agency fee doubles for all major holidays including New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day.

Cancellation Fee:

If an engagement is cancelled with less than 24 hour notice, a cancellation fee of $25.00 is added. The agency fee still applies. Cancellations received by voice mail after hours will not be accepted.

Summer Nannies

Summer nannies are typically college students with previous child care experience. Each has taken multiple courses in child development and demonstrated a love for children. All must successfully complete the same stringent screening, background check and interview process. Special emphasis is placed on the caregiver’s creativity, enthusiasm, ability to swim and willingness to play.

Agency Fee

  • $100 one-time registration fee
  • $500 placement fee

Salary Range

  • 5 days/week, approximately 8 hours/day.
  • Salaries range from $16-$20 per hour depending on experience and responsibilities.
  • NOTE: If asked to transport children, the nanny should be compensated for mileage expense.

Screening & Background Checks

Before introducing a caregiver, we believe it’s important for you, and us, to know as much about that person as possible. We take this very seriously and only present candidates who have been through an extensive in-person interview, comprehensive screening and a thorough background check. All of our screening is done by independent companies to avoid any conflict of interest. Standard procedures include, but are not limited to:

  • Social Security verification
  • National criminal check
  • County criminal check
  • A sexual predator offenses check
  • Verification of, or willingness to obtain, CPR certification
  • A state driver’s license check including moving violations
  • A motor vehicle report including proof of insurance coverage

In addition

  • We contact 6 personal references
  • We contact every previous employer the candidate has listed
  • We get explanations if there are large gaps in employment
  • We verify education, including degrees conferred

Fees, Salaries & Benefits

Full- or Part-Time Nanny

Agency Fees:

  • $100 one-time registration fee. Also applies toward all other services.
  • $1500 placement fee

Full-Time Nanny*

  • Permanent position working 5 days/week – Approximately 40 hours
  • Salary – between $650 and $800 per week depending on experience and job requirements

Part-Time Nanny*

  • Permanent position working no more than 27 hours/week
  • Salary – between $16 and $20 per hour depending on experience and job requirements

* Salary is negotiated between the nanny and the family. Family may make the offer direct or use the agency as the conduit.

All nannies are employees of the family and are legally required to pay employment taxes and follow federal and state labor laws. In order to assist you with payroll, tax, and insurance, we refer our families to GTM Payroll Services, a comprehensive, one-stop-shop for all your household payroll needs.

They will get you set up as a domestic employer, and take care of paying your nanny, tax filings, workers’ compensation insurance, and compliance with all tax and labor laws.

Use their Tax Calculator

View their Brochure

Call GTM for a complimentary, 10-minute phone consultation to go over your obligations, show how doing payroll the right way benefits you and your caregiver, and answer your questions.

We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity. Contact GTM at (800) 929-9213 or questions@gtm.com.

Babysitters, Newborn, Group & Sick Care

Agency Fee:

  • $100 one-time registration fee
  • $20/day or evening payable by credit card
  • $75-150/day for weddings, hotel, corporate, and out-of-town visitors
  • $50 overnight per night payable by credit card

Babysitter/Family Care 

  • $15/hour – 1 to 2 children
  • $17/hour – 3 to 4 children
  • 5+ children – agency discretion

Newborn Care

  • 1 newborn – $16 per hour
  • 1-2 siblings plus the newborn – $17/hour
  • 3-4 siblings plus the newborn – $19/hour
  • 5+ siblings plus the newborn – agency discretion

Group Care

  • Churches and Synagogues – $15-17/hour plus agency fee
  • Weddings, Hotels and Corporate – $15-17/hour plus agency fee

Sick Care

  • •Additional $2.00/hour

Day Care Substitutes

  • $15-17/hour
  • $30/day booking fee

-4 hour minimum with exception of overnight or 24 hour stay

-mileage reimbursement if transportation is required

-any parking costs incurred by sitters

-Engagements with less than 24 hours notice are charged an additional $10 service fee

-Cancellations with less than 24 hour notice are charged a $25 cancellation fee

-Cancellations received by voicemail after hours will not be accepted.

-Agency fee doubles and babysitter/newborn care/ sick care are time and a half on all major holidays including New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day.

-Any family using the above services more than 5 times in one month receive the 6th agency fee FREE OF CHARGE


Benefits are generally reserved for full-time nannies, and in special situations, part-time nannies. About ½ of our clients offer a benefit package; some at the time of hiring and others after a pre-determined length of employment. Benefits are at the sole discretion of the employer’s. Below is a sampling of benefits some of our clients offer nannies:

  • Paid vacation
  • Paid holidays
  • Time off with pay
  • Educational assistance
  • Health benefits
  • Travel
  • Use of employers’ personal property


Placement Agreement for Full and Part-Time Nannies
Placement Agreement for Short-Term Family
Notice of Engagement
Nannies Brochure
“Never again will we rely on an on-line sitter service. Once the girl who was supposed to be here couldn’t make it so she sent her sister. The second time we didn’t feel comfortable with the quality of babysitter they sent. Thank you for helping us understand why the personal approach you take with families and babysitters is so important.”
Mary W.
“This is our second nanny and you’re 2 for 2. We hated to see Chris move but Joanie is equally as good. Thanks again.”
Diane & Jerry S.
“Thank you for helping us out on such short notice. Your company did exceed our expectations and we will continue to utilize your sitters for future corporate events.”
Tom McC
“Bottle your formula and sell it. Your babysitters are prompt, personable and professional. Put us on your list of satisfied customers.”
Tom & Mona S.
“I…wanted to THANK YOU for finding me Christa – she is a huge blessing in our life. She is one of the most sweet and loving people I have ever met. Tinsley lights up and smiles every day when Christa arrives and that means so much to me. Her calming nature is theraputic to everyone in the house…she is amazing.”
Jeni P.
“I…wanted to let you know that Kristin was wonderful. We had a great trip and I know that was mostly because I felt very comfortable with who we were leaving are kids with. She got compliments from Brooks teachers and Chance’s friends mom even called to tell me how sweet she was. The boys loved her too. Brooks actually told me he wanted Kristin to pick him up from school everyday. 🙂 So thank you again for finding a great sitter for us.”
“We tried the dotcoms but their service and babysitters don’t compare with the ones you’re sending us. Thanks for taking the time to get to know us and sending the girls who interact well with our kiddo’s.”
Maria J.
“Why anyone would trust their most precious possessions to someone they hire on line is beside me. I appreciate the time you took to get to know me and what our family’s needs are. Each babysitter we’ve used is top notch and professional. Thanks for going the extra mile to make us feel comfortable.”
Mary Pat F.

Our Guarantee

In the unlikely event a nanny leaves the family or the family dismisses the nanny within the first 3 months, Nannies of Kansas City will make every effort to replace the nanny. If unable to find a suitable replacement, the agency fee will be refunded on a 3 month pro-rated basis.