Additional Services

Contract Screening Services

Want to know more about the nanny, babysitter or housekeeper you found and plan to hire? Is the person all they claim to be? Have you checked all the references? Have you contacted all the federal, state and county repositories that may have information?

If you have a doubt, give us a call. We can help! Decide from the list which verifications and reports you’d like to have.

Remember, the person you’re thinking about hiring will be in your home and assisting in the development of your children.

  • Identity Verification
  • Current and Previous Address Verification
  • National Criminal Records Search
  • Federal Criminal Records Search
  • County Criminal Records Search (multiple counties available)
  • Federal Civil Records Search
  • State/County Civil Records Search
  • Multi-State Sex Offender Search
  • Automobile Insurance Verification
  • Driving Record
  • Education Verification
  • Previous Employment Verification
  • Professional License Verification